Thanks to modern and high-quality manufacturing facilities can produce highly complex parts quickly and efficiently.  3D or 2D milling.
Max. part size - 2100 x 850 x 660.  Tolerances +/-0,005mm.

Some examples of our work:
CNC milling               CNC milling

CNC milling               CNC milling

CNC milling               CNC milling


The quality is guaranteed by regular quality checks and our employees continuously improve their knowledge and practical knowledge.

Some examples of our work:


A wide range of turning machines allow us to say that we can meet any customer's wish for turning work - from ordinary universal turning machines to modern CNC machines with active tools.

Universal machines we use for a small amount orders that do not require high accuracy, but high-volume, high-precision work is done with modern CNC controled machines.

Maximum workpiece dimensions for CNC machines, mm:
diameter: 400
length: 1000

Some examples of our work:
CNC turning                    CNC turning

CNC turning                    CNC turning


Company Talsu Tehnika offer CNC Metal Cutting Services to our valuable customers. These services are highly demanded for vCNCmetal cuttingarious high precision metal cutting applications.

Offered services can be customized as per the specifications provided by the customers.

Table size of our CNC gas / plasma cutting machine - 6m x 2,3m.
Max. thickness, mm - 150.

* Customizable
* High precision metal cutting
* Minimum surface damage
* Fair price
* Burr free


Since 1993 the company has experience in woodworking equipment production and assembly.

Based on this experience, we offer a highly skilled workforce with a high sense of responsibility to your device or hub assembly.

We offer installation of both client components and our own manufactured parts. After the assembling, machines  can be  tested according to customer requirements.

Some examples of our work:
assambling                                     assambling


We offer to produce both large-and small-sized metal products for construction and agriculture - beams, railings, gates, fences, indoor and outdoor stairs and different types of fastening parts.

Certified welders and quality control. Parts can be processed with metal shot blasting, galvanizing and painting.

Some examples of our work:
constructions  assambling  assambling

assambling               assambling

assambling             assambling

We are currently available for work. Please, contact us for a quote at info [at] talsutehnika [dot] lv